Harbor Lights Animal Hospital

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Why are there price differences in the cost of surgery ? 

Not all spays are created equal. When determining the value of the service you are interested in, it is important to look at what is included in that service. Are all auto mechanics giving you the same quality of service ?  How about lawyers, accountants etc...?  It is important that you understand what you are paying for.

 Why is preanesthetic bloodwork recommended ?

Healthy animals can have underlying disease, that if not checked for, could cause death under anesthesia.  We recommend preanesthetic bloodwork for any elective surgery.

Why is an intravenous catheter and fluid administration important ?

Intravenous fluids are administered during surgical procedures to help support the cardiovascular system.  Blood pressure drops under anesthesia and may cause damage to vital organs such as the kidneys.  An intravenous catheter also allows direct access to a vein if complications arise.  Severe drops in blood pressure can make it impossible to find a vein, and an emergency is not the optimal time to place a catheter.

Why is monitoring oxygen level, heart rate, and blood pressure important ?

If a patient isn't doing well under anesthesia,  the more we know and do to correct the problem early the better the response will be.  If we wait until the heart beat stops there is much smaller chance of getting that patient back than if we respond to the heart rate or blood pressure dropping when it first occurs.  By being proactive we can avoid more serious anesthetic complications.

Isn't there always someone monitoring the patient ?

At Harbor Lights Animal Hospital there is a trained veterinary assistant dedicated to tracking vitals and monitoring fluids.

What happens during surgery at Harbor Lights Animal Hospital ?

Sterile procedures are done in a sterile surgery room.   The doctor wears a sterile surgery gown and gloves for each procedure.  A trained technician monitors the patient during surgery and recovers the patient after surgery.  We have an open door policy.  You are welcome to stay for any procedure involving your pet.

Don't they get pain medications after surgery ?

At Harbor Lights Animal Hospital they do.  We tailor the pain control to the individual patient.  It is important to us that we keep our surgical patients comfortable while they are here.

Why does my pet have to stay overnight?

Our commitment to providing quality service means that we want to make sure that pain is controlled and that no surgical complications arise to the best of our ability.  This means we check incisions, watch eating/elimination behaviors, and assess patients before sending them home the next day.