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Spring/Summer Newsletter 2019





Now that the flowers are trying to push through our beautiful green countryside, I want to remind everyone that there are some toxic plants out there:  For a complete list, you can swing by  Harbor Lights Animal Hospital, and we will be happy to share that information with you.


Lilies are EXTREMELY toxic to cats.  Please don't let your cat or kitten explore the taste of these.  Lilies cause kidney failure within 72 hours of ingestion.  If you have cats or kittens, please don't bring lilies into the house.


Other Poisonous Plants: Azalea, Castor Bean, Cycads, Foxglove, Kalanchoe, Mushroom, Lily of the Valley, Oleander, Rhododendron, Rhubarb leaves, Sago Palm, Yew are a few of the highly toxic plants.  A great website to check out is:





Kitties are long day breeders, which means that kitten season will soon be upon us.  If you have a girl kitty and don't wish to participate in kitten season, now is the time to get your girl spayed.  If you have a boy kitty and want to protect him against feline leukemia, feline aids, and the ever present infections called abscesses, I would recommend neutering him also.  By controlling the cat population, we can make every kitten a wanted kitten.




At least, that's what they keep saying.  More people and their pets will be out and about, which means increased disease transmission.  If your pet isn't current on vaccines, now's the time to have them boosted.  If you can't remember when your pet was vaccinated, it is probably time.  If your dog is off-leash at the beach, make sure you protect them against leptospirosis, a potentially deadly disease.


FLEAS love the warm weather, so make sure you keep your pet protected by using Advantage, Frontline, Revolution, or Comfortis.  I'd love to tell you that the less expensive products work, but they don't, and they can have serious side-effects.


LEASHES SAVE LIVES.  Getting across the street to interact with another dog, chase a bird or a cat, or getting chased by another cat or dog is a potential hazard for your pet.  Unfortunately, cats and dogs don?t have good street sense.  Protect yours with leashes, fences and the front door.


ENJOY THIS GREAT SEASON!  Remember, exercise is great for you and your pet!