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Winter 2019/2020



Tis the season

 Remember that people food is best saved for people.  Feeding high fat foods can cause gastrointestinal upset in pets.  White meat turkey (without skin) is a nice treat, when fed in small quantities.


Chocolate is a toxin to dogs.  If you have dogs, take precautions so that they do not get into chocolate.  Unfortunately, they love it as much as we do, but they can't digest it as well.


Tinsel and glass ornaments:  The Christmas tree can be a source of great fun for cats- and it can be a danger.  Avoid tinsel and other string type ornaments, and remember that glass ornaments breaking are a hazard to us all.

Animal Poison Control 888-426-4435


Christmas is about love.  While we all want to celebrate the season, remember that pets are the gifts that give all year round.  If you are gifting a puppy/kitten/dog or cat, be very sure that the person you are giving it to really, really wants the responsibility.  


As the days continue to get shorter, I want to personally wish everyone a lovely holiday season.  Enjoy the holiday(s) you celebrate, whichever holidays they are.




At least, that's what they keep saying.  More people and their pets will be out and about, which means increased disease transmission.  If your pet isn't current on vaccines, now's the time to have them boosted.  If you can't remember when your pet was vaccinated, it is probably time.  If your dog is off-leash at the beach, make sure you protect them against leptospirosis, a potentially deadly disease.


FLEAS are making the move indoors,  so make sure you keep your pet protected by using an effective flea control.  I'd love to tell you that the less expensive products work, but they don't, and they can have serious side-effects.


LEASHES SAVE LIVES.  Getting across the street to interact with another dog, chase a bird or a cat, or getting chased by another cat or dog is a potential hazard for your pet.  Unfortunately, cats and dogs don?t have good street sense.  Protect yours with leashes, fences and the front door.


ENJOY THIS GREAT SEASON!  Remember, exercise is great for you and your pet!